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The Death of Bleach

Alternative to bleach for cleaning

It should be no surprise to anyone that we have exploding hygiene problems occurring all around us – in hospitals, schools, restaurants, public places, and the home – yet cleansing systems remain in the Dark Ages for most and it’s a lack of understanding which is at the root of the problem.  

Those who use a dirty mop and diluted bleach to disinfect surfaces are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk, wasting time, and failing to sanitize their target environment.

Bleach  – the cons

Household bleach solutions have traditionally been the choice for sanitizing businesses and homes but the challenge has always been to find a practical and safe delivery system for it.  And, on top of that, the effectiveness of the chemicals is limited, particularly when compared to a new disinfecting solution on the market.  

Did you know that:

Liquid bleach loses its chlorine content continuously from the moment of manufacture. Most users of household bleach believe that it does not lose its strength until it is combined with water but in fact, what they are using is already diluted. 

Most bottles of bleach have lost HALF or more of their original chlorine content by the time of purchase.  This can be compared to the (calcium hypochlorite) ingredient used in a new system available on the market today  - Sagewash Sanitizer - which only loses 5% of its initial potency in 18 months.

The effectiveness of bleach is vastly restricted by the addition of ‘Lye’ to bleach.  In order to stabilize the chlorine in the liquid solution, bleach manufacturers add lye to the solution, thus raising the pH of that solution to 11.5. It is the Lye which causes skin burns, noxious chloramine gas, and corrosion in equipment. Lye will kill some germs, but it requires a very long contact time, as well as a high concentration.  Calcium hypochlorite, the principal ingredient in Sagewash Sanitizer, contains no lye.

What mostly exists in household bleach solutions is the hypochlorite ion, which is 80 to 120 times less effective than hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant. Numerous studies prove this and it also explains why bleach has documented failures in eliminating dangerous pathogens like hepatitis and parvovirus.

Liquid bleach contains little or no hypochlorous acid, which has now been found to be far more effective than anything else against the most dangerous pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.  It is this which forms the basis of the newest hygiene system on the market, Sagewash Sanitizer.

What is Hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid is the most powerful active ingredient in chlorine solutions. It has been used for decades to safely sanitize drinking water, swimming pools, and processed food, so users can trust Sagewash™ Sanitizer to eliminate pathogens without endangering people, pets or the environment.

It undergoes oxidation to affect the reproduction and metabolism of microorganisms. This results in immediate disinfection through the elimination of pathogens.

Hypochlorous acid is able to oxide a superior hygiene system set to replace the use of bleach to oxidize the organisms in several seconds and once the hypochlorous acid has finished sanitizing, it combines naturally with another chemical in the environment, such as ammonia, or breaks down into single atoms, making it completely biodegradable.

Sagewash Sanitizer The modern alternative

For the reasons outlined above, Sagewash Sanitizer is set to make bleach and standard chlorine solutions redundant.  It is patented chlorine[ spray wash] delivery system for use with solid calcium hypochlorite tablets and has numerous advantages: 

• is effective on a single application with no need for additional clean up or rinsing.

• can be attached to any garden hose end

• accurately delivers (USDA) approved levels of active chlorine in a safe and easy to use manner

• (if used properly) does not stain or bleach clothing

• Is safe – because it does not require the batch mixing of dangerous chemicals, is noncorrosive to equipment and is non-hazardous to skin, eyes, etc

• is a biodegradable cleansing system which is ultra-safe for the environment, so there is no need to worry about dangerous or harmful residues

• does not need any special training or qualifications to use

• reduces spillage and environmental pollutants risks

• is extremely cost-effective to ship and store

•  reduces cleaning times by at least half, which directly saves money for both businesses and private consumers.

Balancing the many demands placed upon businesses and consumers by the microbial
world with the budgetary realities and safety concerns of today is indeed a difficult challenge but it’s one that has been met by Sagewash Sanitizer.  To find out more, call us on 01793 773320


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