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Effective steam cleaning for veterinary surgeries

Why Sage Steam is the way forward for cleaning veterinary surgeries

Nobody wants to take their beloved pet to a veterinary surgery that doesn’t take hygiene seriously, so it’s imperative that animal healthcare providers make this a priority. Sage steam cleaning can to help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses that are common in the veterinary setting without keeping staff tied up with cleaning all day. 

In the treatment area

Whether animals are receiving general check-ups or complicated procedures, it is vital that treatment areas are completely sterile. Dry steam cleaning can be used to:

  • Clean and sanitise operating tables, examining tables and other surfaces
  • Ensure stainless steel tables, counters, fixtures and stools are clean, polished and sanitised

In the kennels

Kennel cleaning systems are often overlooked, but if an animal has had a procedure or needs to be kept overnight for observation, the highest levels of cleanliness need to be observed. Steam cleaning helps to:
  • Keep kennels clean, sanitised and deodorised
  • Kill bacteria in areas that other cleaning methods cannot reach
  • Ensure floors, tiles, grouting, rugs and carpets are as clean as possible

In the waiting areas

While pets are the priority during a visit to the vet, having clean, fresh-smelling waiting areas will encourage customers to return time and time again. Using a steam cleaning system means:

  • Upholstery and fabrics are kept clean and fresh
  • Blinds and curtains can be cleaned in-situ
  • Pet stains and odours are removed

In restrooms

If your veterinary practice contains restrooms, this is another area to focus on. Sage steam cleaning will enable staff to:
  • Keep restroom fixtures, floors and counters spotless
  • Ensure mirrors and glass components sparkle
The Sage Dry steam cleaning promotes disease control by killing any bacteria left behind by contaminated animals. And because it is chemical-free, no residues are left behind to attract dirt and dust. The process is cost-effective and will save your practice money. Animal house disinfecting has never been simpler!
Contact Mecserflex,UK suppliers of Sage Steam cleaning systems for further details.

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